Punching and Forming of sheet metal details
Punching and Forming
Punching and forming are technological processes in which a tool and a press providing strong pressure are used in the processing of sheet metals through cold deformation. At Radev & Sons Ltd. we have good experience and the equipment needed to perform various cold-pressing operations with the help of combined system for punching, forming and laser cutting. All loading, separation and unloading operations are automatic and do not require manual intervention. We are ready to produce for you precision parts with complex shapes, high quality and excellent performance.
Punching & Laser cutting system
The SALVAGNINI S1 is a work center with adaptive hybrid technology that punches, forms, laser cuts and separates parts. It optimizes the production process by reducing waste, minimizing intermediate processing and operator intervention. The multipress head has a structure that accommodates up to 59 tools. All tools work individually and are always available without the need for repositioning. Laser cutting allows metal sheets to be cut into parts of any geometry and size. FACE.S and Stream Punch Evo management software controls the entire loading, punching and unloading process.
Production capacity
  • Max. material length - 3048 mm
  • Max. material width - 1524 mm
  • Max. force - 200 kN
  • carbon steel ≤ 5 mm
  • stainless steel ≤ 5 mm
  • aluminum ≤ 5mm
The MD+S1+ACN+P4 production line
The MD+S1+ACN+P4 production line stores and loads sheet metal, punching and forming, laser cut, unloads and bends fully automatically, without any additional processing and transfer of parts. The ideal solution for any production strategy, be it sets of different parts, single batch or serial production.