Punching and forming of sheet metal parts in R&S Radev & Sons, Bulgaria
Punching and Forming of sheet metal details
Punching and Forming
Punching and forming are technological processes in which a tool and a press providing strong pressure are used in the processing of sheet metals through cold deformation without oxidation of the metal. At Radev & Sons Ltd. we have good experience and the equipment needed to perform various cold-pressing operations with the help of hydraulic presses. We are ready to produce for you precision parts with complex shapes, high quality and excellent performance.
Hydraulic Press
CFS 100 Hydraulic Single Action C Frame Presses
HIDROLIKSAN CFS 100 is a hydraulic press made of steel structure type C-FRAME. It has a chrome cylinder with a diameter of 220 mm and a servo-hydraulic drive. The stroke of the cylinder is regulated by the PLC Control Panel via a linear encoder. The machine control allows for the metal feeder device to be operated in both manual and automatic mode.
CNC high speed hydraulic press compatible with metal feeder
Production capacity
  • Max. press force - 1000 kN
  • Max. table size - 800x500 mm
  • Max. cylinder stroke - 400 mm
  • Max. daylight - 550 mm
  • approach speed – 100 mm/sec
  • return speed – 200 mm/sec
  • pressing speed– 10 mm/sec