Electrostatic powder coating
Powder coating
Polymer-powder coating is one of the main finishing processes in the manufacturing of metal products. Radev & Sons Ltd. uses powder coating in three technological stages so as to offer finishing industrial coatings with high protective, anticorrosive and decorative properties. The first stage involves cleaning the surface of the material from oxides and lubricants. The spray method is employed in the second stage, in which the powder paint is applied in the desired RAL color. The third final stage includes polymerization of the already painted workpiece by thermal treatment in a molding furnace.
Powder Coating Automated Line Gema
The Gema Automated technological line for powder coating of metal details and profiles is a fully equipped system with a KIGO pre-treatment unit, a dryer, an Opti Flex powder paint application complex, a Magic Compact powder paint regeneration booth, a curing oven, a Kewesta monorail overhead conveyor .
Production capacity
  • Max. part width - 400 mm
  • Max. part height - 1400 mm
  • Max. part length - 3000 mm
  • conveyor’s speed - 0.4 ~ 1.6 m/min
  • load capacity - 50 kg/m
  • panels’ capacity - 100 pcs/h