Our partners
They have already laid their trust in us
Our efforts are aimed at establishing and maintaining long-term partner relationships based on professionalism, responsibility and trust. Lasting partner relationships are created by us in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. Here's what they say about us:
Raina Nedyalkova
Delivery and Logistics manager
The present reference document is issued to “RADEV & SONS” OOD showing our positive evaluation for the overall operations as our suppliers. During the years, they have proven to be real professionals in the production of metal components of our Slot machines, distinguished by their professional and collegially attitude during negotiations, entering in contracts and the strict performance of the contractual obligations taken.
Krasimir Dikov
Manager STS Electronics Ltd.
We work with the company “RADEV & SONS” OOD as of year 2020. The metal panels, produced for our machines, form one of our major components. These panels formulate and vision of our product and we have been always grateful for the high quality and in-time performance of our orders! We we started our collaboration, we saw the automated machinery of the company, and that fact reassured us of our proper choice! We would always recommend “RADEV & SONS” OOD to our partners and customers!
Krasimir Kurtev
General Manager „SIDMA BULGARIA“ Ltd.
SIDMA BULGARIA EAD is a supplier to the company “RADEV & SONS” OOD as of year 2019. With the present document, we would like to express our satisfaction of our collaboration and to thank the team of “RADEV & SONS” OOD for their professionalism and partnership. The company, represented by us, supplies sheet material, cut-out to the dimensions, requested by the customer, from cold rolled and galvanized sheet metal. Together with our partners from “RADEV & SONS” OOD, we have developed a quality control system and insurance of in-time deliveries.
Gianluca Dalla Pozza
Facilities and Maintenance Manager
When looking for lighting fixtures for our workplaces, we decided to choose our trusted partner Radev & Sons Ltd., as a result of which we got quality and effective luminaires meeting our high demands. Thanks to the installation mode specially developed for us, the fixtures were quickly and easily assembled, which facilitated the working process in our busy premises. I look forward to continuing our joint cooperation.
Aleksandar Prihodkov
Executive Director
Radev & Sons Ltd. is a reputable supplier of lighting fixtures, who fulfils its commitments in a professional and timely manner. The company’s employees demonstrate high competence and zeal for maximum customer satisfaction. In view of the aforesaid, we can recommend the company as a reliable partner.
Georgi Karparov
Head of Supply Department
As a contractor the company operates at a high level and strictly observes the agreed periods in which the lighting fixtures and the electrical components are to be delivered. All our relationships are based on honesty and good cooperation. In the process of our joint work we have become convinced of the professional performance of the contractual duties, and therefore, we do recommend this company to its future customers and partners.