Welding metal parts in R&S Radev & Sons, Bulgaria
Welding of metal details
Welding processes
Welding is a process in which monolithic metal products are obtained from several elements. Radev & Sons Ltd. offers you welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals performed by highly qualified welders under various methods. Laser welding (LWB) by using a highly concentrated beam of light energy to form a weld. MIG/MAG electric arc welding in a protective environment with inverter devices in "pulse" and "double pulse" mode. Where Spot welding by heating and melting the contact point and applying mechanical pressure using a pneumatically driven electric resistance welding machine
Welding Machine
The LightWELD 1500 handheld laser welding system enables high-quality fast welding and consistent results with thermal distortion minimized. The need for grinding or polishing the weld seam is greatly reduced compared to traditional welding methods. Laser power up to 1500 W is easily adjusted with a quick-select controller to optimal welding settings.
Production capacity
  • Laser power-1500 W
  • carbon steel ≤ 4 mm
  • stainless steel ≤ 4 mm
  • aluminum ≤ 4 mm
TECNA spot welding machine
Fronius TPS 320 i Compact/Pulse/Standart – pulse, inverter, welding machine of a new generation with fully digital, microprocessor control for MIG-MAG welding. Smart menu panel. The available innovative CMT (Cold metal transfer) process enables welding of thin materials.
Production capacity
  • Max. welding power - 320 A
  • Duty Cycle
  • 320 A - 40%
  • 240 A - 100%
  • carbon steel ≤ 15 mm
  • stainless steel ≤ 10 mm
  • aluminum ≤ 10 mm
  • copper ≤ 10 mm
The ТECNA 4666 Welding Machine for resistance welding is a fixed linear machine with pneumatic drive and spot welding’s microprocessor control. Being ergonomically designed, this device is easily maintained and meets the strictest requirements for spot welds.
Production capacity
  • Max. welding power - 84 kVA
  • Max. operating height - 280 mm
  • Max. operating depth - 400 mm
  • Max. electrode stroke - 5 ÷ 80 mm
  • carbon steel ≤ 3+3 mm
  • stainless steel ≤ 3+3 mm