Manufacturing of sheet metal products and parts in R&S Radev & Sons, Bulgaria
Product solutions and services
Product solutions
Radev & Sons Ltd. develops complete projects, from the idea, going through the design, and ending with the manufacturing of our in-house sheet metal products and details customized to the needs of customers from different industrial sectors. We are capable of manufacturing a product or a detail based on your specific requirements, following which we shall have it assembled and branded in compliance with all international quality and safety standards, no matter how complex this product may be.
Production of: office lighting fixtures, office lights, office luminaires, indoor luminaires, Lamp post and Lamp post arm, Post lights, Industrial Enclosure, sheet metal cabinets , tool cabinet, metal clothes cabinet, steel wardrobe, panels and table, Workshop equipment, tools workshop equipment, Commercial equipment and furniture, Personalized products
3D CAD design
3D CAD Solid Works, StreamBend, StreamLaser, StreamPunchEvo and StreamFormer automated computer modeling systems. By employing these systems, we not only design new industrial products and instrument equipment, but also test them in a simulated virtual environment. We will offer you a 3D visualization of the completed project, and in the development of the final customized solution we shall include all necessary aspects.
Assembling of metal products and parts, metal assembly of products and parts
Product Groups
  • Electrical Distribution Boards
  • Electricity Meter Cabinets
  • Media Distribution Boards
  • Server Cabinets
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Customized Products
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