Sheet Metal Fabrication of products and parts - R&S Radev & Sons, Bulgaria
Smart manufacturing of sheet metal products for various industrial sectors
R&S Radev & Sons, Bulgaria -High-tech, smart manufacturing of sheet metal products and details
Who we are
We are Radev & Sons Ltd., a company developing high-tech and smart manufacturing of sheet metal products and details under our own projects and according to the customized needs of customers from different industrial sectors. Our special machinery for the processing of sheet metal enables us to mass produce high quality panels, enclosures and parts with a broad spectrum of industrial applications.
Management system in R&S Radev & Sons -ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
Our team of experienced and motivated professionals is one of the company’s underlying advantages. Therefore, we strive to create appropriate conditions for the learning and obtaining of new qualifications and the improvement of the team’s professional training in line with the production equipment’s and high-technologies’ rapid development.
Radev & Sons Ltd. has successfully completed its participation in the International Technical Fair specializing in metalworking - Blechexpo 2019, Stuttgart, Germany.

During the fair, contacts were made with companies mainly from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia and other European countries. Interest in the products and services that we are providing in the field of sheet metal processing has started new business relationships and opened up new markets.